Reflections Week of 1/31/16

Read Galatians 3:5-10

If you hang out around Christians enough, sooner or later you’ll hear someone mention the concept of faith verses works.  This passage speaks clearly to that issue.  In this section, Paul is likely talking about circumcision.  Some people in the early church thought it was important to circumcise adult Christians in accordance with Jewish law.  Paul didn’t.  To back up his point, Paul takes us back to the story of Abraham.  Before circumcision was even invented, God told Abraham that not only did He plan to bless Abraham’s descendants, but that someday all nations (that’s us!) would be blessed through him.  Paul concludes that faith is more important than following the law.  And to see what faith looks like, we can look to Abraham as an example: Abraham believed that God was going to fulfill His promise, even though it sounded impossible.  That’s what faith looks like, and it comes before the law.

Question for Reflection: Do you count faith as greater than works in your own life?  

Read Hebrews 11:8-10

Last week, we looked at what it means to be prepared.  In this passage, (which should look familiar to those in Sunday morning bible study!) we see Abraham as an example of what it means to be prepared. It means to live by faith.  These short verses take us through three steps of living by faith.  1) Abraham went where God told him to go, even though he didn’t know what he would find there.  2)  Once Abraham was there, he lived as a stranger or sojourner in the land, a life of faith.  3)  Abraham consistently looked toward the future Kingdom of God, a “city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.”  In three short verses, we have a solid example of what faith looks like from the life of Abraham.
Question for Reflection:  Are you living faithfully in these three areas?
Reflections by Wayne and Amy Giacalone



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