Reflections Week of 2/7/16

Read Psalm 105:1-9

In this passage the psalmist wants us to remember God’s promises.  He uses Abraham and Isaac as an example of what that kind of remembering looks like.  When Abraham was tested by God, and asked to sacrifice Isaac, he remembered God’s promise.  God promised to make him a great nation.  He promised that the nation would come through Isaac.  Many scholars believe that because of this, Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac was a belief that God would not be limited by the death of Isaac.  In other words, Abraham had to suspect that God could work beyond death— something he did not yet have any proof of!  By using Abraham as an example, the psalmist shows that remembering the promises of God is not just happy reflection; it’s spiritual muscle-building.

Question for Reflection: What has God promised you in scripture?


Read 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

Speaking of God’s promises, and his ultimate triumph over death, this passage is a straight-up declaration of God’s plan.  As we enter the season of Lent, we begin mediate on the sinful nature of the world, and how that sin has lead to death.  But, it is important to remember that we only focus on that so that we can have a greater appreciation of his triumph over death. Much as Abraham relied on the promise of God’s covenant, we rely on the promise of Jesus’ covenant.  This promise is that sin has already been defeated by Jesus’ death on the cross.  And soon, the consequences of sin (death) will be defeated as well.  Therefore, “Death has lost it’s sting!” (v55). 

Question for Reflection: How great is that?

Reflections by Wayne and Amy Giacalone 


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