Reflections Week of 2/21/16

Read Matthew 14:22-33

As we look this week at what it means to rest in grace and humility I was drawn to this scene on the water. We see Peter motivated by the power he sees Jesus display, as well as his own excitement in the moment ask to get out of the boat. Who would do that?! Peter would. Everything goes great and Peter is walking on the water toward Jesus until Peter looks at the storm around him. When we are walking with God when we are focused on him, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around us, but as soon as let ourselves get convinced that God isn’t in control we can sink. What’s great about this passage as well as what we read on Sunday is that when we are sinking, when we are desperate for God’s help, he is there, ready to save us. It is in those vulnerable moments that God shows us his character, if we are willing to admit that we are exhausted and sinking. 

Reflection Question:  What have you learned from God in the chaotic “sinking” moments of your life? How has that affected the way you live when there is no storm?


Read Zechariah 9:9-13

Jacob has his name changed to Israel which means “God Prevails”. This passage in Zechariah is a celebration of God prevailing. We are told to rejoice and shout because our King is coming! This is a prophecy of Jesus entering into Jerusalem, riding a donkey, humble as the carpenter from Nazareth. This passage speaks of ending the war and the pain and the battles. Jesus “shall speak peace to the nations,” we find that through this humble man war will finally end. Life gets ugly and hard and dark, but its passages like this that we need to remember. Because this spoke of that day when Jesus rode in to town to save us from our sins. And he will come back to put an end to the war, to finally defeat Satan once and for all. And for that, we should rejoice greatly!

Reflection Question: How does knowing “God Prevails” change the way you see the trouble and hardships of your life? How does it change the way you see the good things and the blessings in your life?

Reflections by Pastor Tim Gioia



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