Reflections Week of 2/28/16

Read John 5:1-24

In this week’s sermon, we saw that people criticized Jesus because of a fundamental misunderstanding of who Jesus was in relation to John the Baptist. Since john the Baptist had been baptizing people for longer than Jesus, they thought that john deserved more credit. In this passage a few chapters later in John, we see that once again, Jesus is misunderstood. Jesus performs a miracle and works on the Sabbath because he is Lord of the Sabbath. Pharisees didn’t see it that way. They thought that Jesus was brazenly defying Jewish law and then making excuses for it. But Jesus sets them straight once again by explaining something fundamental about himself: He is God.

Question for Reflection: What misunderstandings about Jesus do you see present in the world today?

Read Colossians 1:15-23

In John 5, it says that once we understand who Jesus really is, we will “marvel” (v. 20). This Colossians verse is full of things to marvel at. If John the Baptist’s followers or the Pharisees are confused about who Jesus is, this verse makes it clear. It is a statement of Jesus’ power, preeminence, omnipotence, and glory. These verses are particular favorites of ours; we re-read any time we want to remember who Jesus really is. The most amazing thing, though, about this selection is in verses 21-22. Read them again out loud! Immediately after talking about how amazing Jesus is, this passage includes you. Jesus stands before God holy and blameless and above reproach, and then because of Jesus, so do we. The passage concludes that the key is to stand firmly in the truth by believing it and not wavering. 

Question for Reflection: Do you see yourself as part of Jesus’ great plan?

Reflections by Wayne and Amy Giacalone


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