Reflections Week of 3/27/16

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the message preached the previous Sunday. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read Mark 16:1-7

In this sermon series, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at God’s covenant with his people. Over and over throughout the Old Testament, to Noah and Abraham and Moses, we saw God promising the people of Israel that he would guide them, protect them, preserve their lineage, and lead them to exactly where he needed them to go. Well, happy Easter! Today we get to skip ahead in the story and see the spot God was leading them to: the death and ultimate resurrection of Christ! And in the resurrection of Christ, we have a new promise. Instead of God focusing his grace on the Israelites, he opens the floodgates to include all people. Every believer’s sins are paid in full by Christ’s work on the cross. And in the resurrection we see a beautiful conclusion to the story started in Genesis. Jesus triumphs over death–remember the original punishment for sin?

Question for Reflection: How has God fulfilled his promises through Christ?


Read Hebrews 4:1-13

Jewish law mandated that the people celebrate a Sabbath, or a day of the week set aside for rest. Sometimes in church it seems like we get a lot of commands to do certain things. But in this one there’s a little paradox hiding there. In this passage God is commanding us to rest. Which is kind of the opposite of good works. Today especially, it’s important to remember that all the work of salvation was completed at the cross. Jesus defeated death. This passage, in fact, says that “his works were finished from the foundation of the world” (v3). All of God’s promises and plans, all across the Old Testament, were leading to our reconciliation with him at the cross. So today, treat it like a Sabbath day. Remember that the work is done. Today we rest.

Questions for Reflection: Do you feel like you are resting in the work of Christ? Why or why not?

Reflections by Wayne and Amy Giacalone


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