Reflections Week of5/29/16

This week we had a guest preacher to fill the pulpit, Kent Hansen. Kent preached on John 9. He also wrote our reflections this week to go along with the sermon. We hope these help you open up the Bible this week and read the truth God has for you there.

Read  Exodus 34:5-6 

The core idea of todays’ sermon is that Jesus is light of the world… The Apostle John demonstrates this through a profound miracle of healing. Do you realize that the ideas of God’s light and God’s glory are synonymous in scripture? If we are to reflect God’s light we must also shine in God’s glory… Moses says to God in Exodus 33:18 “Please show me your Glory.” God answers this request in the next chapter. God’s answer is surprising. He does not demonstrate His glory in an explosion of power, instead God’s Light, His Glory are displayed quietly in the revelation of His character through the divine attributes of mercy, grace, patience, forgiveness, unfailing love, and faithfulness.

Questions for Reflection: How does this compare to the way Jesus revealed God’s glory? How do the miracles and teaching of Jesus demonstrate the core attributes of God’s divine character?

Read Colossians 3:12-14

The formulation of God’s divine character is often repeated through the Old Testament. He is God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in loving kindness. Jesus clearly demonstrated these attributes in His life on earth and we see them illustrated throughout the gospels. As God’s story continues we discover that the responsibility of being a light has fallen on us as Christ’s followers: Acts 13:47 tells us “I have made you a light to the gentiles.”  and Ephesians 3:8 says “But now you are light in the Lord.” Finally, in Colossians 3 Paul commands us in no uncertain terms that we are to put on the attributes of God’s character. Paul is telling us how to reflect God’s light in a darkened world of sin and suffering.

Questions for Reflection:What does this mean for us? If we are to reflect God’s light, how do we demonstrate God’s attributes of mercy, grace, patience, forgiveness, unfailing love and forgiveness? Think about specific situations at work, with your family, and around your neighbors, where you might have an opportunity to demonstrate these attributes, and let your light shine!

Reflections written by Kent Hansen


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