ReflectionsWeek of 7/31/16

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the message preached the previous Sunday. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read Micah 7:18-20

This passage is a great reminder of the unique love we experience as Christians. There are so many religious beliefs in the world, but none of them have a god who is so forgiving, compassionate, and steadfast in his love. Other people have to weigh the good against the bad they have done. They have to be fearful of guilt and punishment, but our God delights in His love for us. he pardons our transgressions and gave us His only son so that we don’t have to be slaves to our sin anymore.

The ocean is over 36,000 feet deep, and this passage says our sin is thrown into the depths of the sea. I am so comforted by the thought of my sin that far away from me.

For Reflection: Is there anyone in your life who has angered you? How can you show them the love of God this week?


Read Lamentations 3:22-26

What an amazing example of having faith in the midst of suffering! Go back and read through the first part of Chapter 3. Pretty tough stuff huh? But the writer says despite the sorrow and suffering experienced, he has hope!

God’s compassion is new each morning because He is so consistently faithful and loving. And this is even when His people are entirely unfaithful. I am in awe of the love God shows even when we turn away.

There have been plenty of times when someone was unkind or disloyal to me and I have struggled to forgive and love them, but God does this each and every day for us!

For Reflection: Make a list of the blessing in your life. Every time you feel like you are alone or suffering, go back to that list so that you can remember the hope you have in Christ.

Reflections written by Bailey Carlson 


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