Reflections Week of 8/14/16

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the message preached the previous Sunday. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read John 10:1-16
This week Tim Preached on Psalm 23 and we heard about God as our good shepherd. A I read this passage I was struck by the question, “Do I know my shepherds voice?” If Jesus were speaking to you today would you know? In this passage Jesus says that His sheep know His voice. How do we know His voice though? Spending time in His Word and in prayer. I think of sheep up on a mountain side or out in a valley simply hearing the musings of their shepherd day in and day out. They did not know His voice because one day they decided His voice was their shepherd’s. No these sheep were chosen and cared for and daily their heard His voice and thus could distinguish between His voice and the thief’s.
For Further Reflection:
Are you familiar with your saviors voice? Are you listening? Consider what voices you are listening to most. We have a good shepherd who desires good for us if only we will listen and follow.
Read Psalm 95
Recently Lauren and I have been asking the question, “Why do we worship?” For what reason or reasons do we lift our praises to heaven and revere His holy name? Verse six is a call for us to fall to our knees before the Lord our MAKER! The person who knows you and designed every hair on your head. That is reason enough but the psalmist does not stop. Look at verse seven. “For… we are His people.” We praise, we worship, we bow down, all because The Creator of all things chose to be our God. He has made a covenant or a promise to us to be our shepherd, watching over us and ultimately saving us through His son Jesus Christ. We worship today because today, We have a God who is with us! Notice at the end of this verse and leading in to the rest of the chapter, it says, “if you would hear His voice.” Again it is implied that we must listen for our shepherd’s voice. Are we listening? And when we hear His voice are we worshipping?
For Further Reflection:
Why do you worship? Have you ever considered how you worship and the God whom you worship? Take time this week to listen to your Father, or Shepherd, your redeemer. As you hear Him through His Word and through prayer, worship him, praise Him for His work in your life, for his constant vision and care over your life.
Reflections written by Taylor Floyd

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