Reflections Weeks of 10/2/16

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the two year reading plan the church is participating in. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read Exodus 7-8 (Monday 10/3)

“The Egyptian shall know that I am the Lord.” What follows are the ten plagues that we are all familiar with. More descriptively the ten judgments of God. Egypt was the super power of the time and believed numerous gods kept them in power. Exodus is a book primarily about theology Proper or God the Father and his relationship to his people. As I was thinking about these stories I began to look at our world. You see each of the ten judgments of God indirectly refute various gods of Egypt. There is the god of the Nile and the god of the earth, the god that was said to take the form of a frog. You see God’s intent with Egypt was to show that he is the only true God. God was dismantling the Egyptian world view. The Egyptians believed in gods that could not truly save them or provide for them. God was asserting at that moment that he was the only true provider, He was the only true protector and ultimately His people would be free. Our church’s vision is to follow Jesus into worship. Reading this passage forces me to ask, “what am I worshiping?” Or put in another way, “what am I trusting in to bring me security, satisfaction and even love?” One of the ways that we express our worship to God is placing our faith, our trust, our hope in Him. We worship God when we believe that he truly will provide for us just as he provided for Israel in the desert, that He will set us free from sin and death just as He set Israel free from Egypt. Lately, Lauren and I have been looking for jobs and at times it has been tempting to worry and lose faith that God truly will provide for our needs. But time and time again God brings back the truth that He is God and He provided for Israel and He can and will provide for us.

For Reflection: Ask yourself, “like Egypt what am I trusting in rather than the one and only true God?” Ask yourself how you might worship God today trusting in Him for tomorrow.

Read Exodus 14 (10/6 Thursday)

“Is it because there were no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness?” The Israelites had been in slavery for generations, groaning of the harshness of their condition. They then witnessed ten judgments of God on Egypt paving the way for freedom and then what do they do at the first sign of trouble? Blame Moses and blame God. I wish I could say that I have never done this, but if we are honest have we not often asked God to help us, to free us from bad situations and then when we see the solution looking different than expected we cry out to God asking why he has failed us? Ironically I have heard many people today who are struggling in their faith say that if they could only see a sign from God that would solve their doubts and help them believe. Israel here proves that our minds are fickle and our hearts can waver at even the slightest hints of trouble. God rescuing the Israelites out of the hands of the Egyptians is a profound declaration of God’s faithfulness to His people. First, Moses tried to run from the job, then The Israelites balked at their leadership and finally they doubted God could truly save them. God has every reason to give up on Israel and yet he doesn’t. How great is it that through Jesus Christ we have been brought under that same blanket of provision and protection? This is not to say that life will be easy or trouble free but rather that in the grand eternal perspective God has proven He will be faithful to us. We come together on Sunday mornings to worship our God and Savior because of the same faithfulness we see in this passage. God has, does and will always provide for those he loves and has called according to His purpose.

For Reflection: This week take a few minutes throughout your day to reflect on ways in which you have seen God provide, even when you saw now way. Israel had the waters to their front and a raging enemy on their heels and they saw no hope, but we know that with God their I always hope for a future.

Reflections by Taylor Floyd


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