Reflections Week of 1/1/17

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the two year reading plan the church is participating in. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read Deuteronomy 12:8-9 (Monday 1/2)

These two verses of Deuteronomy 12 stuck out to me in particular when I think about the way Christians are called to be set apart, and do things differently than the rest of the world. The “to each his own” mentality is a very worldly mentality that divides people and makes our society much more individualistic than is healthy. I think the phrasing here can apply to a lot of different things in our lives, and points us to what is always a better way, a way in Christ. We have yet to come into what God has to offer us, which allows us to continue to live in a sense of togetherness, under God’s law and covenant. When we live by “each doing what is right in their own eyes”, we lack community and push people away. We leave little to no room for vulnerability and dependence. What I love most about CF is how close we are as a community of believers. We don’t have to fend for ourselves or be alone in anything, because we know that our community is furthering the kingdom of God. Rather than let our individuality (which often means our selfishness) lead us, we should let our sight on God lead us together.


Read Deuteronomy 14:22-29 (Tuesday 1/3)

Growing up without a lot of money or financial stability, tithing has always been a little hard for me to wrap my head around. However, reading from Deuteronomy and seeing the original instructions and intention for tithing has something more beautiful and understandable about it. Tithing has always been about two things- thanking God for his provision by giving back to him, and taking care of others in the community. Perhaps things were much simpler in biblical times when communities were more compact and close, but coming from a megachurch to CF, a much smaller church, I can see this more clearly reflected in our tithing. We give back to God by supporting His church, and in turn, we can clearly see in our budget where our tithes go, and how we support each other and our community. This context for tithes has been a blessing for me in my understanding of a current tradition that we continue now.

Reflections written by Lauren DeVries

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