Reflections Week of 3.27.17

Read 1 Samuel 24 (3.28 Tuesday)

David worked so hard, making sacrifices of time, resources, and even lives to protect the people and city of Keilah. When the city was secured, the people rallied around and celebrated David, making him their king and feasting to celebrate his name.


They just turned right around and tried to sell him out to Saul. You will recall that Saul was aggressively seeking to kill David.

So even after David stuck up for the people of Keilah, they still betrayed him. He couldn’t catch a break; no matter where he ran, Saul pursued him. No matter what he did to help others, they tried to hurt him.

Life gets like that sometimes, doesn’t it? No matter how hard you’re working to be holy, to live a righteous life, it jumps at the chance to hand you to the evil one. The lesson David learned here is the same one we need to learn: trust God, not people, for your deliverance.

I am sure David thought, “Sure, I’ll save this city because God told me to, and I bet they’ll give me a safe haven.” But who gave him refuge? Who hid him from danger? God. God alone.

I am not sure, but from what I can tell, David wrote Psalm 27 after all this happened. I encourage you to take a minute and read it with all this in mind.

Reflection written by Liz Doogan

Read 2 Samuel 1 (4.1 Saturday)

There is a lot of different things going on in this chapter. First, go back and read the end of 1 Samuel 31, make note of how Saul died. Now as you read the account of this messenger to David, it is clear his story is not the same as what actually happened. What would possess this guy to lie about Saul’s death? Was he looking for favor with the King? Whatever his motivation, it was a poor choice to be the one to bring this news to David. But how could he have known David would respond that way? I mean Saul was David’s enemy. They chased each other, Saul threw spears, they were by no means friends. But we must remember that David was a man after God’s own heart. Death was never supposed to be part of the plan. It’s not something that brings God joy. And it did not bring joy to David that this man Saul, who he cared for, who he served, was now dead. And to make things worse, David’s best friend, a man who was like a brother to him, Jonathan was dead as well. David’s response was to mourn and write a song to honor these fallen men. “How the mighty have fallen in the midst of the battle!” These are the words David uses to talk about Saul who tried to kill him multiple times. I have trouble staying calm and not saying mean things about the slow driver in front of me. Jesus said  in Matthew 5:44 “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This is God’s desire for us, this is the heart David had, this is the heart we are called to have.

Reflection written by Tim Gioia


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