Reflections Week of 4/2/17

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the two year reading plan the church is participating in. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read 2 Samuel 6:1-15 (Tuesday 4/4)

As long as your heart is in the right place… The church has championed this idea that God only cares about your heart. King David seems to have thought the same thing. David was returning the dwelling place of God, the Arc of the Covenant, on a cart instead of being carried as God commanded. Then as He is doing so the Arc begins to fall and naturally Ussah, who rightly feared the Arc hitting the ground reaches out to catch it thus touching what God had forbidden; and God struck him dead. Somewhat naturally we see David is angry with God. I imagine him yelling at God, “God he was saving your Arc!” We do this don’t we? We believe that as long as our hearts are in the “right place” our actions do not matter. God is showing David (and us) in this passage that our actions matter, doing things the way God says, matters. We have been saved so that we glorify God by obeying him.

Questions: Do you see the forgiveness of God as essential as the holiness of God? Are you seeking to have not just your heart but your actions transformed into the image of Christ? Do you do things God’s way or the way you think is “better”?

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-15 (Friday 4/7)

How easy it is to sit in the seat of judgement on others all the while blind to our sin. IT is easy to hear stories in the news or tales from friends and judge others actions but often times we are overlooking the blaring evil in our own hearts. But we do not only see a blinded ego here but a God fearing man who has fallen. Like all of us David sinned in the darkness but what kept him the “man after God’s own heart” was his fear of the Lord. Notice that Davids first response is recognition of his sin and a submission to God’s discipline. His sin was still covered for eternity and yet there were consequences for that sin in this life.

Questions: Do we respond this way when our sin is brought to light? Do we admit it? How about when God disciplines us?


2 Samuel 12 (Friday 4/7)

You know how every Sunday Pastor Tim leads us in prayer to mourn the moments in the week that we chose to disobey God? In those choices, we are ignoring God and desiring sin.

With each sin, we choose to gratify us rather than glorify Him.

Throughout history, people have looked back at the relationship of David and God as a spectacular and unique one. Yet, here is David, who has been repeatedly sheltered from unthinkable danger, literally killing the people who stand in the way of what he wants. It’s like he is sinning just for funsies..

Because God is a hands-on God, He sends Nathan to remind David, in detail, of all the things God has done for him. “Why have you despised the Word of the Lord by doing evil in His sight?”


God pulls no punches with those He loves, and here He is painfully honest about the weight of David’s sin. David dismisses blessings the Lord heaped on him by choosing to gratify himself rather than glorify God.

David repented.

And God, because He is God, forgives it all.

There is so much more to this story, but I’ll stop there.

Your sin doesn’t go unnoticed, and it will not go unforgiven, but what is there to gain by choosing to gratify you rather than glorify Him?

Reflections written by Taylor Floyd and Liz Doogan


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