Reflections Week of 4.9.17

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the two year reading plan the church is participating in. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read 2 Samuel 15:2-12 (Monday 4.10)

Have you ever noticed how easily we, as humans, can be convinced that we need something…else? We tend to search for fulfillment in anything, like new jobs, relationships and social status, and we even join special causes. We want to feel cared for, important, and valued.

None of this is new of course; thousands of years ago, Absalom was able to actually convince many of the people of Israel that they needed to follow him as their king, while their real king was still alive and well. He made it seem easy, too.

Absalom intercepted those who were on their way to see King David, making them think that David couldn’t help them. “You can’t go to the king because he won’t hear you, but I can help you out! Just come with me.” [What a nice guy!]

Absalom kept the people from going straight to their king – as they should have – and drew their attention toward himself instead. They thought that he really cared, and that they needed him to make everything right.

Today, we still go after all sorts of people, ideas, and things, hoping to find justice, purpose, and fulfillment. We don’t realize that we’re turning away from our Real King, Jesus, who really can make everything right. We forget that in Him, we find purpose and value. We forget that when we go straight to Him, He can, and does, hear us, because He really cares.

For Reflection: Do you rely on people, experiences, or things to give you purpose or value? Do you really believe that Jesus cares for you? How do your answers to these questions affect the way you live?


Read 2 Samuel 22 (Thursday 4.13)

Here, we see David’s response to his victory in battle: a song of deliverance. Is anyone else impressed by his intense depiction of battle and the destruction of his enemies?

Sometimes I feel like he goes a little overboard with the whole destruction thing, but this time, I see that David just has an awesome view of God in His anger. He compares Him to earthquakes and volcanos, after all.

More impressive than David’s description of God’s wrath, is how and when it comes: against his enemies, right after David calls upon the LORD for help. To his enemies, this perfect God is a consuming fire, but to David, He is a shield of refuge and strength.

God is both just and merciful, taking vengeance on those who oppose Him, but showing grace to those in whom He delights (i.e. those who obey Him. v. 20-28).

How good it is that this awesome God delights in those who are in Jesus. How good it is that we are saved from God’s wrath, and He shows us His grace. All this, since God delighted in Jesus because He obeyed perfectly, and then was destroyed because of our disobedience. How good it is that we are delivered from the enemy and can run to a strong Rock of Salvation!

Spend some time praising God as David did, for His salvation and your refuge in Jesus.

Reflections written by Sarah Rico


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