Reflections Week of 5-14-17

Read 2 Kings 2 (Monday 5.15)

Only one other person in the Bible at this point had been taken up to heaven. Genesis 5:24 says that, “God took him”. With very little to go off of in terms of previous actions, this act was both incredibly significant and confoundingly mysterious. Considering the dramatic flair of the horse and chariots, it is clear that Elijah had done incredible work for the Lord. However, as a child, this passage left me perplexed. Embarrassingly, in my early years as an eleven year old, newly found believer, I had wanted that special treatment that Elijah had gotten. “You know how cool it would be if I was taken up to heaven in a sweet looking ride during the middle of my math test”, I thought to myself with a smile. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that I would have to hang out on earth for the time being. It’s possible that Elisha could have felt this way as well. As the next in line, imagine his struggle in living up to the man who was literally, personally, recognized by God himself! But if anything, it is Elisha’s resolve to continue on in the ministry that is inspiring in 2 Kings 2. “The Spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha” is said in verse 15, and serves as an excellent reminder to keep the faith after others go on.

Read 2 Kings 4:1-7 (Tuesday 5/16)

This passage always struck me as powerful because it sets such a clear example of God’s provision. A woman befalls tragedy. Elisha asks how he can help and what resources she has. She literally has nothing except a jar of oil. It is at this point that Elisha could have given her a few coins and moved on. Instead, she has to grab extra containers to hold all the oil she now has. What’s so interesting to me is the fact that she eventually says that there are no more containers, and then, “…the oil stops flowing.” While seemingly trivial the idea is huge. The idea of the perfect amount. This story could have ended with the widow having an overabundance of oil, and by extension, wealth. However, the idea of the containers matching up with the exact amount of oil needed to both pay their debts and live on is an act of God within itself. There is a duality here, of this woman being able to be rid of her debt, but also being able to continue to live as she had. No more, no less. It shows as an awesome example of God’s provision.

Reflections written by Jax Gorman


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