Reflections Week of 9/17/17

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the two year reading plan the church is participating in. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read Psalm 12 (Monday 9/18)

David laments that the faithful and true are gone, that all of us are sinners. We deceive ourselves and each other, believing that we are in control of our bodies and minds, that we are our own masters.

If that were true, why would we need God? Why would God sacrifice His Son for us? We can speak words of creation or destruction. Words are powerful. God shows us by example how to live and what to avoid, if we would only listen.

God protects the weak and the needy, He rises to the occasion when the weak and needy are in harm’s way. God is always true and is never wrong. God can be counted on always.

David prays that God will protect us from the liars and deceivers, because humans glorify what is vile to God. God will always show us the truth, we must seek Him and seek relationship with Him.

We must always be careful not to deceive ourselves, not to hurt others, and to have faith and trust in God only.

For Reflection:

  1. Do I speak truth to myself and others? Do my words come from God? If I am not sure, I should pray to God and ask him. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

  2. Do I follow God’s example by protecting the weak and the needy? Do I surround them with truth?


Read Psalm 14 (Tuesday 9/19)

The person who does not believe in God is corrupt and vile because he/she does not understand what is good. This person has a skewed perspective of the world because he/she does not understand why or how it was created.

God looks to see who seeks and understands Him. He sees all, believers and nonbelievers. He offers refuge to believers, and nonbelievers are filled with dread because they have no one to turn to for support.

Nonbelievers do not want to be alone; they will try to corrupt believers to make themselves feel better or to feel like they have someone on their side. To be seperated from God is the worst fate I can imagine. When I think of all the challenges I have been through (my husband dying, raising a son with autism who does not speak at all by myself, letting my son go to a group home to get the structure he needs rather than living at home with me, helping my parents as they age), I can not imagine getting through all of that alone, without God. I may feel at times that God has turned His back on me or that He is punishing me, but in the end I know that is not true. God has shown me His mercy and love time and time again, and it is because He is with me that I get through all of these challenges.

For Reflection:

  1. Do I allow myself to be tempted by the world? Do I run to God when this happens and confess, or do I try to hide it from Him?

  2. Do I believe and trust in God’s promises? Is God the first and most important thing in my life?

Reflections written by Anne Wilson


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