Reflections Week of 10.15.17

Different members of our church family write these reflections each week to go along with the two year reading plan the church is participating in. It is our hope that these reflections help you to get in to your Bible throughout the week and be challenged by the word of God.

Read Psalm 63 (Friday 10/20)

Finish this sentence: “My life would be good if only I could just _________.” That blank might be “get a better job…lose more weight…buy a decent car…find a boyfriend/girlfriend…fix my marriage…raise good kids…stay healthy…obtain financial security…afford a nice apartment…get accepted to that school…get paid to do what I love…take a vacation” or “re-do my 20s.”

For me, almost every night my thought was, “I will be fine tomorrow if I just get X hours of sleep…” I learned quite a while ago to not rest the quality of the coming day on the amount of sleep I hoped to get that night. It never worked. I ended up disappointed, tired, and probably a bit grumpy.

Instead, I started distracting myself from fatigue and the boredom of routine life by focusing on “the next thing.” That didn’t work either. I just ended up getting overwhelmed by the busyness, forgetting to enjoy the hours, days, weeks, months. I thought that vegging out would be restorative, but reaching for Netflix at the end of the day didn’t ease my exhaustion. I didn’t find rest, so I sank into just getting through the day, and let mental and emotional fatigue distract me from giving God my time and undivided attention every day.

Then I came across Psalm 63 in our #2YearJourney and I realized that I’ve actually been searching for satisfaction, and in all the wrong places. David in this Psalm says that his soul thirsts for God like one would thirst for water in the desert, and that when he meditates on and responds in praise to God, his soul is satisfied. That’s some intense longing, and equally intense gratification. No prize, amount of planning, nor any goal to work toward can satisfy my very soul, let alone my tired, restless mind, except for seeing God and praising Him for who He is. We should all crave God and be truly satisfied like He is better than anything or anyone else. He is better than life itself.

For Reflection:What do you want most? Where do you seek satisfaction? Take time to meditate on and praise God for His goodness. Let Him satisfy you beyond anything else in your life.

Read Psalm 66 (Saturday 10/21)

The psalmist keeps his focus on God’s goodness as God provides for and protects him. He focuses on God’s goodness as he recalls how God brought him through hard trials. He focuses on God’s goodness in answering his righteous prayers. He worships.

The psalmist straight up praises God, because God deserves it: praise in his blessing, praise in his testing, and praise in his prayer.

Then at the end of each section, he adds the word Selah. This means to pause and reflect on the words he just said. It tells the readers to slow down and feel their significance. It gives us a chance to agree.

The psalmist doesn’t put a time limit or a pacer on his worship; he pauses to ponder all that God is and has done for him. He considers, speaks carefully, and means what he says.

I don’t know about you, but I find it all too easy to say a quick, half-baked prayer or scan a quick scripture, check it off my mental to-do list, and move on to other thoughts. I’m not sure why I try to believe that it’s enough, like God doesn’t actually want my attention.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to set aside specific time to focus on praising and worshiping God, but maybe it’s because I don’t let myself be overwhelmed by His goodness. If I just meditated on all that God is and has done, I would be overwhelmed by His goodness. I would want to straight up praise and worship Him, and I would want to take my sweet time doing it.

For Reflection: How often do you tell God how great He is? How often do you actually think about how great He is? Do you ever just stop and ponder all the ways God has blessed you, preserved your life, and shown you the power of His love? Set aside specific time to think on these things, then praise and worship Him because He deserves it.

Reflections written by Sarah Rico


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